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Why Pole Body Fusion?

Pole Body Fusion is here to supplement or even replace studio training with an exceptional online experience.
Learn in the comfort of your home without compromising the community and personal attention that comes with the wonderful world of pole!

We work personally with each of our members to create a membership designed around YOU!
From the moment you join PBF we'll help you to identify and surpass YOUR pole and overall fitness goals.


We are committed to building the best online pole community possible,
therefore o
ur membership is currently limited to only 50 Members

Personalized Membership
Are you new to pole? Already addicted?
Work one on one with our certified instructors to create content based on what you want, to help you reach YOUR goals
Join the Community
Everybody could use more pole in their life. Participate in challenges, get motivated, and even win prizes for showing off your skills!
Well-Rounded Courses
Classes include a warm up, core content and cool down while introducing various aspects of Pole and Chair Fitness including floorwork and heels
Attend Class At Home
Learn what you want, when you want, at the pace you want in the privacy of your home with our online instructional tutorials.
Learn Full Routines
Build and connect moves as you progress through our multi-class courses leading to full Pole and Chair routines for all levels.
Certified Instructors
Learn how to execute moves safely from our certified instructors, receive feedback on your moves, and even attend office hours to work on your poling!
Pole and Chair Fitness At Your Fingertips
  • Strength & Flexibility Training: What to do when you're on and off poling
  • Pole Moves Tutorials: Gain access to our growing library of individual pole moves, poses, floor work and transitions
  • Combo Challenges: Learn how to link individual moves together creating combos that can easily be put into any routine 
  • Stand Alone Classes: Take full classes with a warm up, core content and cool down
  • Learn Full Routines: Access multi-class courses and learn a complete pole or chair routine you can perform anywhere 
  • Tell us what YOU want, and we'll make it happen!
An Online Community of Pole Love
Motivation & Accountability When You Need It
  • Join our private Pole Body Fusion Facebook Group - exclusively for members
  • Post videos and receive personalized feedback from Certified Instructors or go live during weekly office hours for one-on-one instruction
  • Share what you’re learning with fellow members for extra motivation and encouragement
  • Get your weekly dose of inspiration as you tackle combo challenges with your friends
  • Win prizes by showing off your skills and improving your poling!
What happens when I become a Pole Body Fusion member?
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As a PBF member, you'll have immediate access to our entire library of instructional videos. Learn individual moves, combos, full routines and classes taught by Certified Instructors in the privacy of your home.

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We're here to inspire, motivate, and support your pole journey. Share more about your pole passion and our instructors will help customize your membership to help you reach your goal - whether it's to look good, feel good or both!

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As a PBF Member you're a part of a large pole family - connect with dancers like you, receive real feedback from certified instructors, take part in weekly challenges, and share your love of pole

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